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SYSMAC CP1L Programmable Controller

A Standard Package-type PLC

Complete with a standard-feature USB port, CP1L PLCs include CPU Units for applications with as few as 10 points. Whether you need simple sequence control or pulse I/O and a serial port, the CP1L PLCs give you an economical choice from among 10-, 14-, 20-, 30-, 40- and 60-point CPU Units.



Basic PLC with Smart Features


With the introduction of CP1L, users now can enjoy the benefits of the Smart Platform Technology even in the basic range at a affordable cost.

The CP1L supports Mathematical and PID instructions whereby the PLC can be used from simple to complex application.

Furthermore, the CP1L shares the same common architecture with the other range of PLCs which means that programs written can be migrate over without any modifications.

Common Architecture among CJ, CS and CP Series



Enjoy the Benefits of Multiple Programming Language

Function Block, Structured Text

CP1L provides you with an option of three programming languages : Function Blocks, Ladder Diagram and Structure Text which can help to reduce Development and Troubleshooting time.




Easy Connection with USB


The CP1L series provides built-in USB connection for easier communication. Suitable for user without serial communication port on their laptops.

USB Connection


Easy Maintenance and Startup Adjustments with LCD Displays and Settings    New! 


Attach an LCD Option Board to the CPU Unit to easily monitor or change data values in the PLC to visually check error status.


CP1W-DAM01 LCD Option Board: The Board can be used only in the option board slot 1.



Motion Control with Precise Accuracy


Pulse Output

The CP1L series comes with two-axis pulse output control at 100khz (max). It support the Full Range of Functions for motion control such as Origin Search Function, Trapezoidal Acceleration and Deceleration, and etc.

Pulse Output Control


High-speed Counter

A maximum of the four-axis counter of Single phase inputs are supported. Two-axis for Differential phase input. In additional, interrupt inputs are also provided.


ModBus RTU

The CP1L with the optional Serial communication port, support Modbus-RTU communication without any programming.

Modbus-RTU communication



Increased Numbers of I/Os and Memory Capacities


With a wide range of selections for the CP1L, User can chose the PLC that suit his applications. Expansion is also available for different models.



I/O Size : 10
Program capacity: 5 K steps
Execution speed: 0.55 ตs


CP1L-L (I/O Size: 10)


I/O Size : 14 or 20
Program capacity: 5 K steps
Execution speed: 0.55 ตs
No of Expansion Unit : 1


CP1L-L (I/O Size: 14 or 20)


I/O Size : 30, 40, 60
Program capacity: 10 K steps
Execution speed: 0.55 ตs
No of Expansion Unit : 3





Network Capabilities with Serial Communications


Data sharing between PLCs can be achieved using the serial PLC link by connecting in series with RS 485/RS 422 configurations. Communication with other devices such as Inverters and Analog Meter can also be done as seen in the diagram.


Network Configuration Diagram


Optional Serial Communication Port

1:1 or 1 :N Communication can be achieved with the optional Serial Communication port.


Two serial option ports can be used for either RS-232C or RS-422A/485 interface.


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