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Selection Guide for PLC Products
ABB Programmable Logic Controllers,
PLC Product Selection Guide

AC500-eCo - Affortable PLC solution for small machines
• An entry level PLC for small to medium applications
• CPU's are complete with onboard digital and analog I/Os
• Compatible with Modbus and CS31 networks
• Optional SD card is available for data logging and software
   updates without a PC
• Fully compatible with existing AC500, PS501
   Control Builder Software
• Expandable with all S500 I/O, in a centralized configuration


S500-eCo I/O-Module
• Select spring clamp or screw clamp connection
• Removable terminal blocks on all I/O modules
• Centralized I/O expansion of all CPUs
• Decentralized expansion by using bus interface
   and I/O modules
• Sink or source inputs

AC500 - Flexible and Scalable PLC Solution

• The PLC for mid to high end solutions with
    multiple integrated communication interfaces: Ethernet,
    RS485, RS232 and universal FieldBusPlug from ABB
• Optional Communication Modules for interfacing with
    common open industrial networks via Ethernet, PROFINET,
    EtherCAT, ARCNET, Profibus, CANopen, DeviceNet,
    Modbus and CS31
• Integrated diagnostic screen
• SD card for data logging and software updates

S500 I/O-Module and Bus-Interface Module
I/O Modules offer:

• Digital, analog and multifunction modules
• Available in DC and AC versions
• Separate terminal blocks available in spring
   or screw type terminals for convenient wiring 

Bus-Interface Modules offer:

• Modular connection to the system bus for the expansion
   of all central AC500 units
• Decentralized expansion by using bus interface
   and I/O modules
• Integrated I/Os for PROFINET, EtherCAT, Profibus,
    DeviceNet, CANopen, CANsync and CS31
    Bus interface modules

PS501 Control Builder Software for AC500 and AC500-eCo One engineering tool for the entire AC500 family
The PS501 Control Builder Software offers:

• Multilingual interface - English, German, Spanish, French,
   Italian, Russian and Chinese
• Complies with international standard IEC61131-3 (LAD, FBD,
   IL, ST, SFC, CFC)
• Integrated visualization for commissioning and operation
   of the machine via PC
• Includes extensive libraries and configuration tools
   for the entire system

CP400 Operator Panels
• A wide range of touch panel displays available
   in various sizes
• Select color or grayscale images
• Important features such as alarms, trending,
   and graphics are fully integrated
• USB, Ethernet and serial communincation ports
• Drivers available for all the major and many smaller
   PLC brands


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