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ZUV-C20H / ZUV-C30H Smart Curing System (LED System)

(Standard model / Multi-function model)

Smart Curing System Achieves a Low Initial Cost Level Believed to be Impossible in an LED System Up To Now




Eliminates the manpower, time, and costs of light source replacement

Industry-best lifetime of 40,000 hours achieved with ultra cooling heads

The biggest issue for the lamp system is frequent replacement of the lamp light source.

LED system has longer life compared to the lamp system. Replacement man hours can also be eliminated if you use the ultra cooling head. The continuously-on lifetime of the ultra cooling head is 40,000 hours, or 13 times that of a lamp system. If you assume "lighting-on time divided by capacity utilization time" is one-third, a semi permanent usage of 120,000 hours, or 40 times that of a lamp system, is possible. That means light source replacement becomes essentially unnecessary and both the labor hours and running costs of the replacement work can be reduced substantially.

40-fold! 120,000 hour for ultra cooling head lighting control

As for the ultra cooling head, we have expanded the number of heat dissipating ribs in the Smart Canyon Structure from the existing 21 to 40 by making the housing into a long body. Through effective dissipation of heat, we have achieved industry-leading long life and illuminance stability.


Radiation comparison between ultra cooling head and conventional head: Highly exoergic area is extensive


Dedicated Jig for ultra cooling heads

Its heat dissipation is even better compared to a conventional head, so it can be mounted on the customer's existing toolings or on original toolings of new design. It will allow you to trim man-hours of LED system introduction.


Mountable on existing fittings, no need for heat dissipating fittings


50 percent reduction in tact time

High-speed bonding with the ultra cooling head's industry leading illumination of 8,100 mW/cmฒ


Illumination comparison between LED system head and lamp system fiber when 4 branches are used.

Improvements in tact time due to high-speed bonding can be achieved if you use the ultra light condensing head, with 8,100 mW/cmฒ illumination, the best in the industry, which far exceeds the average illumination of a mercury lamp.

Reduces tact time by up to 50% compared to a lamp system when used with the ultra light condensing head *1.

In addition, when increasing the number of channels in use *2, maximum illumination will decrease as the number of channels increases for a lamp system, but the maximum illumination at each head won't decrease even if the number of channels increases on an LED system and productive UV adhesion is possible.

*1.Compared with mercury lamp system
*2.When fiber branching is used


Tact time comparison: Approximately one-half the conventional tact time.

Uses UIT-150 UV Light Integrating Actinometer manufactured by Ushio Inc.
When measured at suggested work distance.
Lamp system value is an example with a typical fiber.


Environmentally safe

Substantially reduces CO2 emissions in power-saving LED system usage

High power consumption and disposal of the mercury lamps that occurs with each replacement are problems at a lamp system site, but they can be resolved by using an LED system. An LED system has lower power consumption than a mercury lamp system, and can also lead to power saving with efficient use of energy through lighting control. In addition, the LED light source doesn't use mercury so it is superior in terms of reduced environmental impact.


Comparison of annual CO2 discharge amounts when using in 100 units

*Standard model controller ZUV-C20H

Note: Assumed to be 24 hours and 260 days operation.
Assumes "on time divided by equipment operation time" to equal one-third.
For CO2 emissions, calculation of 4.1t CO2 reduction with 10,000 kWh reduction in the Nationwide Receiving End Coefficient published by the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan
Power consumption may vary according to device conditions


(NEW) ZUV standard model
[Controller] ื [Head unit]

Cost performance that will overwhelm a lamp system

ZUV Smart Curing  System achieves a low initial cost level believed to be impossible in an LED system up to now.

The newly-developed ZUV standard model has made sweeping cost reductions possible at an initial cost lower than a lamp system.

The cost revolution was made possible because Omron is No.1 in lamp system replacement and LED system introduction in Japan.
There's no mistaking it. It's an LED era from now on.


Cost performance that will overwhelm a lamp system

*Source: 2008 Fuji Chimera Research Institute publication, 2008 General Survey of Image Device Related Markets

Initial cost efficiency


Cost comparison when buying new - Initial cost lower than that for a lamp system
The basic performance of UV bonding is retained while significant cost savings compared to a conventional LED system is achieved with carefully selected features.

ZUV standard model can be purchased at a price below that of the lamp system.



Beats lamp replacement costs


Comparison of lamp system aging costs and standard model initial costs (Significant cost savings!)

*1. Comparing the case in which you keep using a lamp system with the case where you switch to the ZUV standard model

*2. Lamp replacement costs after two years have gone by at a replacement frequency of about three times a year

If customers who are currently using a lamp system would compare the costs of lamp replacement, which occurs about three times a year, in cases where they would continuously use a lamp system for two years from now on they would find installing the ZUV standard model less expensive.


On top of that, running costs are substantially nil.

It is characteristic of the LED to have a longer life in comparison with a lamp system. In addition, for a lamp system whose light source is unstable, you have to leave its light source on all the time but an LED system, with its highly stable light source, can be turned off when illumination is not needed. For that reason, extended use over a long period of time is possible and running costs can be said to be substantially nil. Moreover, electricity costs can be reduced by turning the unit off when it is not illuminating.


Omron's unique head technology

It is a UV-LED, whose characteristic is its long life, but there is a chance that its life will be shorter if the heat is not properly dissipated when emitting light. For that reason, it is considered necessary to avoid rises in temperature during illumination. The advance that has fulfilled this requirement in a compact head is Omron's unique heat dissipation structure = the Smart Canyon.


Optimized "New Smart Canyon Structure" (Patent pending)

The Smart Canyon structure has been utilized in all heads in the ZUV Smart Curing System, but for the sake of achieving low initial cost in the standard model heads we have optimized this Smart Canyon structure even further, enabling it to dissipate heat more efficiently.


Optimize structure by widening the ribs.


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