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Inverters – FR-S 520 SE / FR-S 540 E

An Intelligent Solution for Every Drive Task

The FR-S 500 series of frequency inverters from Mitsubishi Electric provide an easy entry to the world of modern variable-speed drive technology. These inverters are ideal for simple drive tasks with V/f control up to 3.7kW output, with a comprehensive range of intelligent functions that cover the requirements of a wealth of applications in trade and industry.

With their compact design and clear layout the FR-S 500 inverters make installation and configuration fast and simple - also on a DIN rail adapter in the switchgear cabinet if you want.

The integrated control unit with the one-touch Digital Dial facilitates efficient entry of all drive parameters. Or you can choose the alternative alphanumeric control panel with multi-language support and a copy function. Both displays provide at-a-glance information on the current status of the drive system and clear error messages.

What can you expect from the FR-S 500 Series?

Power supply: FR-S 520 SE 1~ 240V; FR-S 540 E 3~ 480V
Output range: 0.2 - 3.7kW

  • Small, compact design
  • One-touch Digital Dial for simple operation and configuration
  • V/f control makes these units ideal for simple drive applications
  • RS-485 interface
  • PID controller
  • Motor potentiometer
  • Active current control

Typical applications for the FR-S 500 include:
Conveyor belts, pumps, fans, advertising signs, barriers, gate drives etc.

Product range

FR-S 520 SE

FR-S 540 SE

Output range

0.2 - 1.5kW

0.4 - 3.7kW

Power supply



Output frequency



Control unit



Inverters – FR-D 700

The micro-drive solution

Simple and safe operability, compact design as well as improved performance features were the focus during the development of the new FR-D700 frequency inverter. A drive was created that set new standards in the field of compact drives.

Improved functions and device properties such as simplified cabling thanks to spring clamps, the integrated Digital Dial with LED display, improved performance yield in the low-speed range as well as the integrated emergency stop function make the FR-D700 the new standard in the ultra compact class.

The FR-D700 is especially advantageous for standard applications by virtue of its user- friendliness. It is the correct choice in both simple and more sophisticated applications. Typical applications are feeder and conveyor drives, machining tools or gate and door drives.

Failure safety with self-diagnostics

This inverter actively monitors its own functional safety. If, for example, the fan rpm decreases to 50 %, a pre-alarm is triggered. An internal measuring program monitors the ageing of the capacitors and an operating hours counter enables the operator to plan the best time for servicing. Protection and overload functions like the phase failure monitoring system for both the input and output circuits ensure trouble-free operation.

Additional energy savings

The FR-D700’s OEC function helps to further optimize current and hence power consumption of the motor. The result is an additional decrease in energy requirement compared to a conventional inverter.

Long service life

The FR-D700 is designed for a service life of over 10 years. This is made possible, among other things, by high-performance heat- resistant capacitors, cooling fans with sealed bearings and special lubricating grease. The flow of cooling air comes into contact only with the heat sinks and not electronic components. This ensures that no dust or dirt can collect on the components. The circuit boards are protected against aggressive environments with single or double layer conformal coating – another feature that ensures longer service life.

Upgraded functional scope

To protect both staff and valuable machinery, the FR-D700 has innovative functions that enable it to respond with great sensitivity to a variety of external factors.

Simple operation

  • Simple cabling
  • Easy parameterization
  • Integrated control unit
  • Simple network connection
  • Change cooling fan in only 10 seconds
  • Controlled deceleration during brief power failures
  • Automatic restart after power failures
  • Integrated emergency stop function

More standard functions

  • Sensorless vector control
  • Autotuning
  • 200% overload capacity
  • Side by side mounting
  • Integrated brake chopper
  • Password function
  • Dancer control for winders
  • Traverse function
  • Regeneration avoidance function
  • Flying start
  • PTC thermistor input
  • Remote I/O

And much more.




Output range

0,1 kW - 2,2 kW

0,4 kW - 7,5 kW

Protective structure


Power supply (50/60Hz)

200 - 240V

380 - 480V

Output frequency

0.2 - 400Hz

RF suppression

Filter (optional)

Inverters – FR-E 700

The Compact Drive Solution

The new powerhouse

With 11 million frequency inverter drives already sold, Mitsubishi Electric now introduces its latest generation of compact inverters, the new FR-E700 series. In addition to better features and performance than their predecessors, the models in the new series are also more compact and even easier to install.

Improvements include an integrated USB port, an integrated one-touch Digital Dial control with a display, improved power usage at low speeds and an expansion slot compatible with the many option cards from the 700 series. All this makes the FR-E700 an economical and highly-versatile solution for a wide range of applications from textiles machines to door and gate drive systems to material handling systems.

Intelligent functions for every application

  • Sensorless Vector Control
  • Advanced autotuning
  • Overload capacity increased to 200% for 3 seconds
  • Brake chopper
  • Torque limiting
  • External brake handling
  • Integrated control unit
  • Powerful software
  • Integrated USB port
  • Self-diagnostics for reliable operation
  • Side by side mounting

Responsive technology

To protect both staff and valuable machinery the new FR-E700 series is packed with innovative functions that enable the inverters to respond with great sensitivity to a variety of external events.

  • Controlled deceleration for brief power failures
  • Automatic restart after power failures

An investment in the future

Long lifetime – Frequency inverter drives from Mitsubishi Electric are famous for their reliability and longevity. The FR-E700 is designed for a service life of over 10 years. Among other things, this is made possible by high-performance heat-resistant capacitors, cooling fans with sealed bearings and special lubricating greases. The flows of cooling air only come into contact with the heat sinks, not with the electronic components, ensuring that no dust or dirt can collect on the components.

The circuit boards are very well protected against aggressive environments with single or double coatings of varnish – another feature that ensures a longer service life.

Fast servicing – The fans are designed as compact units that can be replaced in less than 10 seconds for cleaning or in the event of failure. Even replacing the entire inverter is a quick and simple operation – there is no wiring work at all because the terminal block is removable.

Versatile design

Compact installation – The installation footprint is the same as that of the predecessor models but the FR-E700 units can now be installed directly next to one another. Heat dissipation has been optimised by designing the heat sinks so that they can now be installed outside the switchgear cabinet.

Flexible connection and expansion – FR-E700 inverters can be connected to RTU Modbus and network systems like Profibus/DP, CC-Link, DeviceNet and LonWorks.




Output range

0.1 kW - 2.2 kW

0.4 kW - 15 kW

Protective structure


Power supply (50/60Hz)

200 - 240V

380 - 480V

Output frequency

0.2 - 400Hz

RF suppression

optional Filter

Inverters – FR-F 746

Drive solution for heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications

The FR-F 746 frequency inverter drives from Mitsubishi Electric complement the standard units of the FR-F 740 series, adding a dust and splash proofed version with an IP54 protection rating. The FR-F 746 series is designed for the special needs of building services automation in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sector. The dust and splash proof version with an IP54 rating is very robust, making it possible to install and operate the units in heavy-duty environments.

What can you expect from the FR-F 746 series?

Power supply: 3~ 380 - 500V
Output capacity: 0.75 - 55 kW

  • Dust and splash proofed, IP54 protection rating
  • Ideal for building services automation, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and commercial and industrial pump and fan applications
  • Simple configuration and operation with the one-touch Digital Dial
  • Extensive control and data management features, incl. servicing timer
  • OEC (Optimum Excitation Control) technology for maximum energy savings
  • LonWorks, Profibus DP, CC-Link, DeviceNet and RS-485 interface
  • USB port (optional)
  • Integrated EMC filter (EN 55011A / Second Environment)

Typical applications for the FR-F 746 include:

  • Commercial and industrial ventilation and air extraction systems
  • Smoke extraction fans
  • Hot air generation systems
  • Wall air heating systems
  • Heat pumps
  • Heating and drying cabinets
  • Recirculating air heating systems etc.

There are also many applications in:

  • The food and beverages industry
  • The printing and paper industry
  • The chemicals industry
  • The textiles industry
  • The wood industry


FR-F 746

Output range

0.75 - 55kW

Power supply (50/60Hz)

3-phase 380-500V

Protective structure


Output frequency


No. of preselect speeds


Short-circuit, overload and no-load running proof


Intelligent output current supervision


Automatic energy saving function


Integrated brake transistor, brake resistor option

o ( without brake resistor option)

RS-422/RS-485 comms interface


RF suppression

Filter (integrated and option)

High, adjustable PWM switching frequency for whisper-quiet motor running

o (+SoftPWM)

Network capabilities

Profibus DP, DeviceNet, CCLink, Modbus RTU, LonWorks

PID control


Sink/source logic


Control unit with copy function



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