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SYSMAC CPM2A Programmable Controller

Growing Control Power and Intelligence with CPM2A Series MICRO PLC


The advanced CPM2A series micro controller delivers you the most feature-packed micro solution in control industry. With wide variance of built-in I/O points and supply voltage, this small packaged controller offers its rich instruction set, convenient built-in multiple communication interfaces to programming peripherals, SCADA host or HMI device.


Its high speed I/O processing enable easy implementation of motion control application. Distributed and autonomous control system could be realized through the hi-speed CompoBus/S interface to the CPM2A.



Synchronized Control


Synchronized pulse control multiplies the frequency of a pulse input by a preset scaling factor and generates a synchronized pulse output at that frequency. The scaling factor can be changed from the ladder program, so packaging can continue while adjusting the feed rate of packaging film or the position of labels.


Synchronized Control Diagram



High Speed Processing


High-speed processing include the 50-ตs quick-response inputs, improved scan time (up to 500 program steps in 1 ms), and interrupts. Improved processing can increase productivity; for example, the timing between detection of a label mark and detection of the product can be adjusted.


High Speed Processing



High Speed Counters


The CPM2A support one-axis high-speed counters(20kHz single-phase or 5kHz two-phase) and four-axis high speed counters(2 kHz single-phase only). The length of workpieces such as cardboard or string can be measured at high speed.


High Speed Counter



Position Control Functions


Supports a one-axis pulse output(10kHz) with trapezoidal acceleration and deceleration and two-axis simple pulse output.


Position Control Functions



Temperature Control and Monitoring


Mount a Temperature Sensor Unit to monitor and control temperatures using PID instruction operands and ON/OFF output signals sent with the PWM instruction. Use in combination with a PT for simple temperature monitoring and setting.


Temperature Control and Monitoring





Analog Control Function


Analog control is possible using the optional Analog I/O Unit which can be interfaced to wide range of I/O devices via analog voltage or current signal.. Input from pressure sensors. Output to inverters. Interfaces with a wide range of devices.



Easy Communication Interface


Compatible with the OMRON Programmable Terminal's Programming Console functions. Maintenance is simplified with the on-screen programming operations.


         Easy Communication Interface



Easy Maintenance


Quick Backup of Program and Data

The handy EMU unit is meant for quick backup of micro PLC's application program and data. It offers convenience in the event of application program update of equipment at remote site without the needs of PC or other programming peripheral.



Powered by CX-Programmer


Simplify Programming with the Windows-based CX-Programmer

The CX-Programmer supports the development of multiple programs with a wide variety of monitoring and debugging functions.



Distributed and Autonomous Control Solution


Faster and More Flexible Operation with Distributed Control Configuration

The CPM2A allows line additions, faster operation, and reduced system startup time. The production line can be made part of a distributed control system by connecting the optional CompoBus/S I/O Link Unit to the CPM2A. With distributed control, the production line can be converted to modular systems for reduced startup time and higher line speeds.


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