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Inverter ABB

ABB drives brings together a world leading and recognised brand
ABB - the number one supplier for variable speed drives and a product
range that is simply the widest available from any manufacturer.
ABB drives is a reference for drives users the world over that signifies
reliability, simplicity, flexibility and ingenuity, throughout the lifecycle of a drive.

ABB micro drive ACS150 is designed to be incorporated into a wide variety of machines such as mixers, conveyors, fans or pumps or anywhere where a fixed speed motor needs to go variable speed motor. Voltage and power range 1-phase, 200 to 240 V ± 10% 0.37 to 2.2 kW (0.5 to 3 hp)
3-phase, 200 to 240 V ± 10% 0.37 to 2.2 kW
(0.5 to 3 hp)
3-phase, 380 to 480 V ± 10% 0.37 to 4 kW
(0.5 to 5 hp)

ACS355 drives are designed for the machine building sector. s In serial type manufacturing the consumed time per unit is critical. The drive is designed to be the fastest drive in terms of installation, setting parameters and commissioning. The basic product has been made as user-friendly as possible, yet providing high intelligence. The drive offers diverse functionality to cater for the most demanding needs. 1-phase, 200 to 240 V ± 10% 0.37 to 2.2 kW
(0.5 to 3 hp)
3-phase, 200 to 240 V ± 10% 0.37 to 11 kW
(0.5 to 15 hp)
3-phase, 380 to 480 V ± 10% 0.37 to 22 kW
(0.5 to 30 hp)

ACS510 ABB also an outstanding low-voltage AC transmission products. It can be a simple purchase, install, configure and use, you can save a considerable amount of time. ACS510 standard drive a wide range of industrial fields, applicable to various types of load; a special optimization for fan and pump applications,typical applications include pressure water supply, cooling fan,subway and tunnel fan and so on. 380 ~ 480 VAC3-phase + 10 %- 15 %
for 400 VAC units 1.1 - 100 KW.

ABB general purpose drives can be used in a wide range of industries. . Typical applications include pump, fan and constant torque use, such as conveyors. ABB general purpose drives are ideal in those situations where there is a need for simplicity to install, commission and use and where customizing or special product engineering is not required. The drives include several features as standard, such as swinging choke, EMC filter and control panel. All drives are tested with full load at the factory ensuring premium quality 3-phase, 380 to 480 V, +10/-15%, 0.75 to 355 kW
3-phase, 208 to 240 V, +10/-15%,
0.75 to 75 kW
Auto-identifi cation of input line


ACS800-04 drives are single drive modules that are optimised for building into customers’ own cabinets. They have been designed to minimise the cabinet space used, make cabinet assembly as easy as possible, and give maximum fl exibility. The power
range is from 0.55 to 1900 kW. All the drives, regardless of the power and voltage, have the same customer interface and I/O making system design and training easier. The units have everything necessary built-in. That includes, for example, built-in chokes for haronic filtering as standard, built-in braking chopper and built-in EMC filtering (both are optional in some frame sizes), making cabinet assembly easier.

There is also a wide selection of different I/O and communications options. In addition to these there is a selection of external accessories available.

3-phase, U2IN = 208 to 240 V, ± 10%,
except -07, -07LC, -17, -37
3-phase, U3IN = 380 to 415 V, ± 10%
3-phase, U5IN = 380 to 500 V, ± 10%
3-phase, U7IN = 525 to 690 V, ± 10%
(600 V UL, CSA)


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